About CCAS

At CCAS, our role is to help students find the information, self-knowledge, and experiences that will move their lives in the directions they choose. CCAS advisors will not “prescribe” answers or programs to students. We encourage students to find academic areas that they enjoy and in which they will be successful. Extracurricular experiences are integral to career and academic development, and we encourage students to seek opportunities outside of the classroom. Although students are ultimately responsible for their educational experiences, we believe academic advising is a collaborative process.

Who We Serve

CCAS provides integrated academic and career advising resources for undecided and exploring undergraduates.

  • Incoming freshmen and transfers who are officially assigned to CCAS advisors at SOAR
  • Students not officially assigned to CCAS who change their intended major or are considering changing their major
  • Students who are denied admission into limited-enrollment programs (business, pharmacy, nursing, education, journalism, etc.) and who now find themselves exploring their options
  • All students who would like assistance with early career exploration through the Exploration Center for Majors & Careers"