Welcome to CCAS!

We hope you enjoyed your summer. We hope that your fall semester will be successful and enjoyable. We look forward to continuing to work with you this spring, too.

If you find that you need to make adjustments to your fall semester schedule, please come in and see us at any of our locations during our walk-in hours. If you need to make adjustments to your academic plan (i.e. changing your major), please make an appointment by calling (608) 265-5460.

Please also see us if you would like assistance with setting goals and creating a plan to achieve them. At this point in the semester, these may include:

  • Exploring major interests further
    • take classes in areas of interest (exploring with the purpose of narrowing down or strengthening areas of consideration for potential majors)
    • talk with instructors or TAs about their subject areas
    • speak with departmental advisors
    • get class recommendations from friends or acquaintances
    • research departmental websites for information on scholarships, related study abroad opportunities, research opportunities, student organizations and available resources (e.g. study groups or tutoring)

  • Exploring career interests
    • visit and use resources at the Exploration Center (Rm 6 Ingraham)
    • research careers (the Exploration Center and College Library have resources that are helpful for this)
    • set up informational interviews or job shadows with people who have careers in which you’re interested in knowing more
    • meet with a Career Advisor
    • take a career or personality assessment

  • Joining a student organization. It’s an excellent way to meet people and to learn valuable job-related skills! (e.g. Communicating, being part of a team, learning to lead, managing projects, etc.)

  • Volunteering! There are many benefits to volunteering:
    • Helping others
    • Gaining experiences that can help you learn professional skills
    • Gaining experiences related to your future career
    • We wish you a successful spring semester!